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Mrchimneyman provides fireplace, chimney sweep and repair service in the Syracuse NY area including Onondaga county towns, villages and hamlets listed below

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Town of Camillus: Camillus, Amboy, Belle Isle, Fairmount, Memphis, Warners
Town of Cicero: North Syracuse, Brewerton, Bridgeport, Cicero, Cicero Center, South Bay
Town of Clay: North Syracuse, Bayberry, Belgium, Clay, Euclid, Moyers Corners, Oak Orchard, Three Rivers, Woodard
Town of DeWitt: East Syracuse (Messina) Barton’s Corners, Collamer (Brittons Settlement), DeWitt (Orville), Jamesville, Lyndon, Messina Springs
Town of Elbridge: Elbridge, Jordan
Town of Fabius: Fabius Apulia, Apulia Station
Town of Geddes: Solvay Lakeland, Westvale
Town of LaFayette: Bailey’s Settlement, Cardiff, Collingwood, LaFayette, Onativia
Town of Lysander: Baldwinsville, Cold Springs, Jacksonville, Lampson, Little Utica, Lysander, Plainville, Radisson, West Phoenix, Wrights Corners
Town of Manlius: Fayetteville, Manlius, Minoa, Eagle Village, Freemont, Highbridge, Kirkville, Manlius Center, North Manlius, Polkville, Poolsbrook
Town of Marcellus: Marcellus, Clintonville, Marcellus Falls, Marietta, Rose Hill, Thorn Hill
Town of Onondaga: Cedarvale, Howlett Hill, Navarino, Nedrow, Onondaga Hill, Sentinel Heights, South Onondaga, Southwood, Split Rock, Taunton
Town of Otisco: Amber, Marietta, Otisco
Town of Pompey: Delphi, Delphi Falls, Oran, Pompey, Pompey Center, Watervale
Town of Salina: Liverpool, Galeville, Hinsdale, Long Branch, Mattydale
Town of Skaneateles: Skaneateles, Long Bridge, Mandana, Marysville, Mottville, Shepard Settlement, Skaneateles Falls, Skanondaga Heights, Willow Glen,
Town of Spafford: Borodino, South Spafford, Spafford
Town of Tully: Tully, Vesper
Town of Van Buren: Baldwinsville, Memphis, Van Buren, Warners

I also provide service in the surrounding counties including:
Cayuga county
Cortland county
Tompkins county
Oswego county
Oneida county
Madison county

Thanksgiving turkey brine/ marinade

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Ive tried all of the common methods for cooking my Thanksgiving turkey.  Stuffed, un-stuffed each with different seasonings. in an oven bag, deep fried then injected and deep fried.  Back in 2006 I gave brining a try and Ill never do anything else. My concoction is more of a mix between a marinade and a brine ( A true brine is salt and water, meant to preserve foods) My mixture starts with a 6 pack of a decent winter ale,  (I use Sam adams winter ale)I add brown sugar, honey, salt ( the brine angle) peppercorns, cloves,and apple cider, sometimes wedges of apples cut up.  I mix all ingredients and bring to a boil 6 days before thanksgiving and have a frozen turkey. The next evening I add the frozen bird to the mixture in a large pot and add enough cold water to completely submerge the turkey in the liquid and cover it. The trick over the next 4 days is to make sure the temperature never rise above 40 degrees. Hopefully, you have room in your refrigerator  but if you dont, you can add Ice during the days and keep it on an outsige porch at night if you live in a cold enough climate. Sometimes mother nature helps and temps fall right where you want them.  Rinse the turkey off inside and out and cook unstuffed according to normal roasting guidelines. Youll find that the entire bird if full of flavor like youve never had before


Davids Turkey Brine recipeMake this recipe 6 days before you need to serve the turkey

6 pack winter beer

1 half gallon apple cider or 6 cut up apples

2 cup honey

2 cups salt

2 cups brown sugar

3 tablespoons peppercorns

ice cold water

Bring all ingredients except water to boil in extra large pot

Simmer on low for 1 hour

Turn off heat and let cool to room temp

Next day Place frozen turkey in brine and top off if needed with cold water

Keep covered and in cool area between 33-40 degrees for 4-  41/2 days

Rinse turkey inside and out

Cook unstuffed at 325 for 20-25 minutes per pound covered with foil

Remove foil for last 20 minutes to brown

Try different beers, but keep with full flavored beers.

It is never too late to sweep and inspect your fireplace or woodstove chimney

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Thanksgiving is here and about gone… Black Friday and Christmas consume most minds and thoughts for the next 4 weeks. Weather takes a turn for the worse. But it is not too late to have your fireplace or woodstove chimney swept. In fact, my state of the art equipment allows me to sweep and video inspect your system from safely inside your home. I continue to be Onondaga counties only C.S.I.A certified owner operator, and personally perform every inspection from start to finish. Call or text me at 315-278-5383 or use this web sites handy “get started ” feature 

What you can expect when you hire Mrchimneyman to service or sweep / clean your fireplace or woodstove chimney.

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When you hire us, you can expect a firm appointment. Most initial service calls take 30-45 minutes to complete.

If we are any more than 15 minutes early or late, we call to confirm your ability to keep the appointment.

We place down clean drop cloths and run a vacuum system that controls the soot and dust, keeping it inside the firebox or woodstove.

We first determine if your system needs sweeping, then proceed with inspection afterwards.  So why is this service call needed?

Woodstoves with proper chimneys or liner systems need sweeping to remove creosote build up so that they operate properly,

If your woodstove does not have a proper chimney or liner system, or if it has other improper installation or clearances to combustibles, we document these findings and discuss with you what it would take to meet manufacturers installation instructions

We dont sweep your masonry fireplace chimney to make it safe, we sweep it so we can properly inspect it with a video device.

Once again, when we find original construction defects, chimney fire damage or man made alterations that do not meet codes and standards, we document and discuss options for repair, and or ways that you can continue to use your fireplace safely.

With Mrchimneyman, you will never be “scared” into needing repairs. I will tell you the real truth about your system.

Use my handy “Get started feature” when you are ready to proceed. I look forward to providing this service for you.

David R. Doherty




What Mrchimneyman does in his spare time?

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My 2 most favorite things to do when Im not working or doing my duty as a husband of my beautiful wife Melissa, or father to my twin 15 year old daughters Erin and Allison, is to Cook and Golf.

I am a creator in the kitchen, I dream up recipe concoctions during my work day or even in my sleep and experiment with my ideas when I have time at home

Today, I spent time thinking about a few recipes that I like and how I could combine them into a great new dish.

How could I take a gourmet mac n cheese, and combine it with a great spinach soup recipe that I have with tons of butter, and cheeses including cream cheese, jarlsburg swiss and fontana cheeses?

My cooking mostly starts caramelized onions, Not sugar added, not soda added, but rather cooking the onions so slowly that you drive out the moisture, and then change starches to sugar.  See my video lesson here

So tonight, I boiled about 3 cups of chicken broth in a large pot, added 3 bags of baby spinach, 2 tablespoons minced garlic, a cup of caramelized onion, various steak seasoning spices, teaspoon of crushed red pepper, 2 cups heavy cream, a stick of butter, a large wedge of jarlsburg swiss cheese and another of fontana cheese probably about 2 cups shredded of each and cooked through about 10 minutes

Cooked a box of penne pasta for only 5 minutes then threw the pasta into a large casserole dish with the cheese sauce mixture, some shredded chicken from a previous roasted chicken meal topped with a cup of shredded pecorini romano cheese and baked for 45 minutes.

Dont worry about under cooking the penne- it sucks in the liquidy cheese sauce and turns out perfect

Dont be afraid to explore…. Change from spinach to broccoli or another vegetable you crave, change the cheeses you use, go without meat or change to another meat or even seafood.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments about my recipe creations





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