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"Sweeping" your chimney alone is not enough to ensure the safe use of your fireplace Video

Chimney water leaks from rain? I repair flashing, seal chimneys etc..

Chimney water leaks from rain? I repair flashing, seal chimneys etc..0

I have had hundreds of customers call me for water leaks. Sometimes for specific wind driven rain, sometimes only in winter, sometimes only after long duration rainy days.
Most of the time the finger is pointed at the flashing, the area where the chimney and roof meet.
In may cases, we find tar that has been used in past years to seal the flashing has hardened and then cracked from chimney expansion.
I use an elastomeric flashing repair method that has fiberglass mesh reinforcement within 2 layers of a rubberized compound that will not harden and crack.
I also have experience in diagnosing the many different types and styles of chimney masonry products, bricks, blocks, stone etc.. all have different natural abilities to absorb or repel rain water
Metal pipe chimneys often have a storm collar that needs silicone to prevent water from running down the outside wall of the chimney pipe
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