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"Sweeping" your chimney alone is not enough to ensure the safe use of your fireplace Video

Masonry Fireplaces

A masonry fireplace is built one brick or block at a time. Just like a fingerprint, an “exact” copy of it cannot exist. Firebox shape and size, smoke chamber, flue system and countless other variables are unique to each masonry fireplace.

Most masons focus on making the aesthetics of a fireplace look great on the outside at the expense of the critical design and workmanship on the inside. The most common design flaws are poor smoke chamber design, poor placement of fireplace on or in the structure, and poor flue system design. What to expect?

Mr. Chimney Man…

  • Uses state of the art video inspection devices and digital photography to inspect the entire chimney system;
  • Exposes design flaws, original construction defects and damage from previous chimney fires or man-made alterations — all of which can lead to chimney fires, or worse.

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