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"Sweeping" your chimney alone is not enough to ensure the safe use of your fireplace Video

Class A Chimney Installations


Manufactured chimneys, otherwise known as “Class A” chimneys are visible on the outside of a house and protrude through a roof or run up an outside wall.  These chimneys are a cost effective means of installing a fireplace or stove where none exists in a home.

Manufactured chimneys should not have elbows of any degree outside the structure. As seen in the photo, installers should cut the chimney into the roof overhang. Manufactured chimneys should be installed with double wall or solid packed insulation, or in some cases air insulated.

Mr. Chimney Man…

  • Helps determine which chimney style is correct for your home and can install the correct system.
  • Strictly adheres to each manufacturer’s specific installation and maintenance guidelines in order to meet safety standards and ensure the full warranty.
  • Can install alternative cap if bird nesting is a problem