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"Sweeping" your chimney alone is not enough to ensure the safe use of your fireplace Video

Crown Construction / Replacement

The “crown” is the top surface on a masonry chimney. It provides the chimney with shelter from the elements and prevents deterioration. In 22 years of servicing chimneys, Mr. Chimney Man has NEVER seen a textbook crown meeting all specifications (Crown Replacement) that he did not construct himself.

Too often chimneys are built with improper crowns made of mortar, with no room for flue tile systems to expand when heated. In other cases, crowns rest on combustible supports such as plywood or tarpaper, which can burn and sag. This faulty construction results in cracked crowns, water entry, freeze and thaw damage, chimney fires or worse. Improperly installed and deteriorating crowns require immediate attention to ensure safety and efficiency.

Mr. Chimney Man…

  • Seals or re-surfaces crowns when damage is minimal to prevent weather entry into open cracks;
  • Rebuilds your crown with a proper concrete crown if needed.